I have been working in IT industry for close to 2 decades, I consider myself a veteran now. I have been developing Windows and Web based software applications, managing Software driven Project and Software Designing.

I am passionate about making software and still love doing it. Everybody agrees that technology is here to stay, not just it is driving force of economy, more importantly it deliver efficiency to businesses, in which it give businesses cutting edge over its peers.

Unfortunately, no every technology product is working as it was expected. I am determined to make productive software, software that automate as much as possible, as easy to use as possible, human input should be mitigated as much as possible to reduce errors.

If you wish to engage someone to help you develop software system, enhance business processes, or you need a consultant to implement a software project in your firm, do drop me a line at web@rainforestnet.com.

By the way, my name is Yong

Projects on Github
  1. CRUD Employee Record with Google Appengine in Python and Datastore (NoSQL)
    Check out the demo site here with your Google ID http://employee-crud.appspot.com/
  2. Crystal Reports Exporter
Tutorial projects :-
  1. HTML5 Tutorial
  2. Simplest Ajax Tutorial
Old Software Tools :-

The software tools below have been created for years. You may use it freely at your own risk, I'm so sorry that I no longer have time to support them.

  1. Crystal Reports Exporter
  2. Javascript Date Time Picker

At this point of time, I do not have full-time staff working under me but I do work with partners, talented and experience partners.

We develop Windows (GUI or Console) and Web Applications on .NET technology. We are specialised in ASP.net MVC for .net framework 4 and .net core. We particularly love to develop solution to transform existing Excel file for system integration or simply extra data turn it into useful information.

We believe operational processes should be automated as much as possible. Human worker should be freed from doing repetitive tedious tasks which can also be error prone.

Rainforest Software Solution is a registered business in Malaysia that wholly owned by me, myself and I.

Please write to me at web@rainforestnet.com.