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I have been working in Software industry for about 2 decades and involved in the entire software development cycle, from Understanding business primary objectives, Translate requirements into design, Selecting Technologies, Architecting Software, Coding, Implementation, to Post Live Support.


Open source works

Software development is known to be its high failing rate, some say up to 75% of software project will fail. That means 3 out of 4 times you won't get it right. ~ Geneca

these works are by-products of learning and exploring posibilities

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CRUD on Google Datastore Python

Can enterprise apps runs Nosql database that promises on read performance and availability?

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Crystal Reports Ninja C#

A Windows Console program runs on .NET Framework 4.5. It loads external Crystal Report file (.rpt) and export into various file formats such as xls, pdf as well as print to printer

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Javascript Date Time Picker Javascript

A single-file javascript that for date time picking

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Tutorial Projects

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HTML5 Tutorial Tutorial

A HTML5 tutorial and reference site

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Ajax Tutorial Tutorial

A simplest possible Ajax tutorial


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